Japan Association in the UK (JA)

The association was founded in November 1996 with a view to promote friendship within the Japanese community and to expedite mutual help through a spirit of voluntary activities. It was also hoped to contribute to the future develop-ment of the Japanese society as well as engen-dering a better understanding by acting as a bridge between the two countries.

The JA’s prime aim is to provide mutual support to Japanese speaker in the UK and to promote the Anglo-Japanese relationship. There are two main regular meetings (Koyokai, Nisuikai and etc).

We send monthly newsletters and a seasonal jour-nal “Eikoku Shunjyu – Spring & Autumn in Britain”.

We also maintain the Hendon Park Japanese Cemetery. Our other activities include the follow-ing:

Summer bazaar, picnics and outings, occasional Japanese related events, the end of the year and a New Year Party.

Chairman ( Keisaku Sano)

Japan Association in the UK
c/o JEIB, 3 London Wall Buildings,
London EC2M 5PD
TEL: 020-7628-5182